Das Wil: Mirror

Sometimes I see someone else. Not on the street, but in my mirror. Its the same face every time. But it isn‘t… me. That‘s alright. I‘ve gotten quite used to it. If I look at the other being for too long it takes my body. I am left floating. I like to float. Everything seems very small when you‘re far away. Most of the time my other just skips breakfast and otherwise tries their best to pass as me. But on some special days, it goes to the woods to… become. I am not sure what.

I have entertained the thought that maybe, I am a vampire. Vampires can‘t see themselves in mirrors. I also much prefer candle light to any bright lights outside. But Vampires aren‘t real, are they. Also I love garalic way too much. Then again, none of this feels truely real.

After it has wandered and I haven‘t payed at- tention, floating, as I do past stars and the sun basking in the glory of the universe, I wake up. I have to remember what I am and who. Depen- ding on how far we went, I have to figure out the where. Then, going outside, strangers call me by names I didn‘t tell them and trees whi- sper of memories I do not have. None of it feels real then.

The first time it felt real was when we started leaving notes to eachother. It was the scarirest thing. Of course I was aware before. But there is a difference between awareness and true realiza- tion. They started out mean. Go away. Why are you here. You are a coward who doesn‘t deserve this. Why did you hurt him. Stop being. Stop being so angry. Stop hurting me. GO AWAY. And I wanted to. I tried. I fled to the sea to drown my fear but it wouldn‘t sink. And I went to the earth and begged her to take me back but she rejected me.

And so I apologized. I looked at myself, not the one in the mirror, but me, as I am from its point of view. And it- well it gets worse before it gets better. I am not sure if you have ever drowned. It is a lot like that, sticking your head too far past the point of return past the cold glass of the mirror and let it flood you. And you can unsee, of course you can. But you shouldn‘t. Because you‘re just turning your back on the things that might stab you. Personally I‘d rather see what is coming for me. I‘d rather see where I am going.
So I have seen me.

I know with more certainity now, that what I see in the mirror, it isn‘t me. Even so, the letters have changed. I have found out it likes choclate and eyeliner and if I leave little gifts for it, it even does my chores when I can not. It tells me not to be afraid, but I can not follow all of it‘s wishes. But the fear is different from before and the hatred gone.

When it goes to the forest now, to become, we become together. It is not me and I am not it. But we are becoming into the same thing toge- ther, no longer fighting over all the different di- rections or stubbornly pushing down paths the other may be hurt by. We are two but we will grow as one.

Most recently I have discovered what I think are little love letters and I am leaving some of my own. Rarely. And every thing still isnt forgotten. Won‘t be forgotten anymore. But I try to. When I have the time to.