KARO: Come here

Come here, you destroyer
you black hole
you sad eyes
you dangerous fool
you desperate saint of desire

Come here, you breaker
you fleeting moment
you tempest
you lost boy
you wonderful child of defeat

Come here, you unchecked queen
you lonely planet
you (spinning out of control)
you (empty space)
you missing peace of mind

Come here, you
I see you
who you are
is no more
or less
anyone else

but you.

KARO: Mary

If you were the moon, I’d know why you circle around me.
If you were immaculate, I’d know why you can’t come close.
If your father was the lamb, I’d know why you go crazy at night.
If I grabbed you as hard as I wanted, you’d know you were right.
If you said one holy word, I’d hear you.
If you came to me, you’d come.